Hospice Supporting Life

Least Restrictive Environment​​

Use of Off-Label Narcotics​​​

Obeying Patient Directive or Choice

The elderly, demented, disabled and chronically ill have the right to live out their condition in a least restrictive environment without the use of chemical restraints to control behaviors and agitations.
Patients should have the right to not be given narcotic medications off-label at the will of others when asymptomatic for the condition the drugs treat.  Medical professionals need specific standards of practice defined in the dying field.  
In most states disobeying one's directive is illegal.  It should not be allowed that a patient be considered medically futile to trump the patients dying wishes.  

​Behavior and Safety Supports

Open to the Public

Including Family

In some states the use of behavior plans and safety precautions are used for individuals with disabilities; the elderly, demented and chronically ill should be afforded the same life-sustaining supports.  Anyone would be dying with a consistent doses of Morphine.
Unless you have experienced the use of sedation of the  medically futile, you may not realize this practice is common.  After reading this site, you will be more enlightened when encountering a patient that is being termianlly sedated.
Hospices should have an obligation to investigate family members before starting end of life.  In the technology world, information is easily accessible.  Heirs to an estate should not be the ones making the choices; it should be the patient.